Sportsnet Login Flow

Sportsnet connects fans to their favourite sports events and news through TV, Radio, Website, and Mobile. At the time of writing, the website boasts upwards of 4.5 million monthly unique users.


A leftover from the early 2010s, the existing login flow was dated and difficult to use. As a first step to adding personalized content, fantasy sports, and speculative plans for sports betting, I was asked to design a new login flow in addition to a new account settings panel.


  • The user will be able to follow a simple, elegant flow to log in or sign up using their email or social credentials.
  • The interface should funnel users towards google and facebook logins while deprioritizing yahoo and twitter (due to low usage).
  • The new flow should also reduce friction by eliminating or making optional previously mandatory fields like gender and password confirmation fields.
  • The design should be designed for mobile first.
The existing login.


Given that login flows are commonplace, we surveyed the landscape of websites that we admired and collected solutions based elegance, speed, ease of use, and alignment with our user demographic. Two main login/signup designs were identified, embodied by two widely used websites (Twitch and Amazon). We took the same approach with social login designs.

Wireframing, Exploration

Through whiteboarding and wireframing, an assortment of solutions were explored:


Through multiple rounds of testing, feedback, and from technical limitations that were discovered throughout this process, we arrived at some solutions:

Login and signup flow.
Mobile flow in action on
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